Skeeterboard® About Us

Skeeterboard® Inc. is based in the USA with fulfillment centers in Newport Beach CA, Los Angeles CA.  Our Manufacturing and Quality Control offices reside in both Gaungzhou and Shenzhen, located in Mainland China.  What makes us different than other companies selling similar type imitation hoverboards is that we vertically control every level of the manufacturing process, quality control and logistics via by sea and/or air freight.

When purchasing either retail or as a wholesale distributor from Skeeterboard® Inc, you will be assured that you are buying top quality made engineered and manufactured product. Our quality control personel inspect all electronics, parts and materials used in the manufacturing process of our hoverboards. All electronics are UL CERTIFIED and come with genuine UL Certificates ensuring you that U.S. power voltages will not damage or short circuit the control panel gyros, circuit board, sensors, batteries and/or wheel motors and that the power cords will NOT OVER-HEAT, thus preventing any potential electrical fires which can easily occur with low quality cords and electronics used with most generic/copycat brands.

Know the Facts; although most copycat models look similar to the Skeeterboard® in design, you should know the difference why they are NOT a Skeeterboard® although they may look similar, they are in fact…very different!

SkeeterBoard® uses a GENUINE SAMSUNG LITHIUM LI-IOM BATTERY and not a cheaply made knockoff alternative battery ensuring the longest lasting ride possible and the shortest recharging time of only one hour to regain a Full Charge!  Skeeterboard® also uses a pair of 350 Watt Motors located in the steel wheels which have the power to accelerate speeds of up to 10-12 MPH with a rider’s weight of up to 300 pounds.

When purchasing a hoverboard, you want to purchase from a company that can not only provide the board at a retailer level, but can also supply all replacements parts for your hoverboard.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have,

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Skeeterboard® Inc (949) 681 9300